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A unique practice

What is Isha Hatha Yoga?

This is not your usual yoga. Isha Yoga is made up of a series of postures and breathing practices done with eyes closed in a specific order as a daily routine.

Our multi-day virtual and in-person

Isha Hatha Yoga Courses

Upa Yoga for Isha Beginners

Our *most popular* course! Strengthens the joints and spine – not just the muscles while aiding in relaxation.

The Yogic Approach to Food

Everything from how to chew, to particular types of food to incorporate into your life.

*Coming soon!*

Yoga for Kids

Improve attention and concentration, memory, and quality of sleep.

*Coming soon!*


Forget the gym, this is the ultimate workout. You use the weight of the body in a certain way to enhance flexibility, strength, & feel absolutely amazing.

Surya Kriya

A type of sun salutation sequence that activates the sun within you! Increases the capacity of the lungs and regulates the breath.


Postures to help with alignment – feel more energetic and joyful within your body.

Annie Liebman, isha hatha yoga teacher Oakland

Meet your instructor

Hi, I’m Annie

I took his Hatha Yoga Teacher training at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore in 2016 and since then my life has transformed.


What our students are saying

“We signed up for a private yoga class with Annie. Annie was flexible and accommodating regarding the scheduling of the days and time. During the class, Annie explained and demonstrated everything in detail and matched our pace. Her corrections were very helpful and allowed us to learn and remember all of the poses correctly from the beginning. Annie followed up a few times after the class, to make sure no questions were unanswered. A few months later, we scheduled a follow-up session to make sure we were still doing our poses correctly. Similar to the class, she was great with correcting our poses and answering our questions. We are planning to take more classes with Annie. We highly recommend working with Annie – she is a very pleasant instructor, it was fun, and you will learn a lot!”