Annie Liebman

(Yoga Instructor)

I lived with major insecurities well into my twenties.

At the age of 27, I discovered a set of specific, powerful tools that scientifically work to help anyone reach their highest potential. This is Isha Hatha Yoga – classical hatha yoga, done in a particular way for specific results. It is a complete package that works on not only your body, but your mind, energy, and emotions.

These are ancient practices, in their original form, undistorted. 

Every single cell in our body wants to reach its highest potential. It is only natural for us to strive to our highest, brightest, most joyful selves. 

With Gratitude,


My Story

I was born and raised in Oakland, California. After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Psychology, I spent several years traveling: I explored India and Nepal, worked as an Early Childhood Educator in Thailand, and backpacked through Southeast Asia. I finally made it back to Oakland and worked as a Mental Health Counselor. 

While working full time, I felt increasingly anxious and depressed. I questioned if life was worth living. I was unconsciously going through life: unconsciously eating – developing a terrible relationship with food. Unconsciously working – without alertness or passion. My digestion was awful. I looked dull and tired.

This is when I started following Sadhguru on YouTube. His unparalleled wisdom and his joy for life captivated me. He had clarity when I had none.

I took his Hatha Yoga Teacher training at the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore in 2016 and since then my life has transformed.

While American culture and lifestyle is quite new, Indian culture has been around for thousands of years. There is something to be learned from this: How to live joyfully and fully.

I want to share these tools with everyone. I haven’t answered the questions about the existence of life but I have found a joy in the mystery of it all. And I’m happy. 

I see too many people struggling with too many things. My mission is to help people overcome whatever kind of suffering they are facing.


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Before the pandemic, I traveled with 3 other Isha Hatha yoga teachers by bicycle through India teaching Isha yoga to children in village schools around the country. Here's more about the Bicycle Yogis journey.