A Holistic Approach to Mind, Body, Energy, and Emotions

This is not the usual yoga you would find in an American yoga studio. This is a classical form of Hatha Yoga –  yoga as it has been practiced for thousands of years – from India. 

These practices come from Sadhguru, a living yogi and mystic. Isha yoga is made up of a series of postures and breathing practices done with eyes closed in a specific order as a daily routine. 

This is not just a physical practice. It involves your mind, body, energy and emotions. All these four things must be going in the same direction. It’s like driving a car: if one of the wheels is going in the wrong direction, it will be difficult to reach your destination. 

Through this practice you will…

  • Have more energy in your day-to-day life to work towards your goals in a steady way with no energy drops.
  • Become more efficient. You will do less but do it more consciously rather than spending hours on something without the necessary focus.
  • Experience fuller breath. Proper yoga improves the function of all the organs, including the lungs.
  • Establish a routine that starts your day on the right foot. You’ll have a more productive day.

Yoga means union. Union with everything around us. It is a way to let go of our desires and expectations and just see life the way it is.

It can also be a path toward asking the deeper questions in life about the nature of existence and our role on this earth.

Who is Sadhguru?

Originally from Mysore, India, Sadhguru is a mystic and a visionary, solely focused on raising human consciousness and helping people reach their fullest potential.

He runs multiple large-scale programs simultaneously, including the following:

  • Isha Vidhya: committed to raising the level of education and literacy in rural India and helping disadvantaged children realize their full potential
  • Project Greenhands: a massive tree-planting movement that aims to increase the green cover in the state of Tamil Nadu by inspiring and enabling people to plant trees.
  • Action for Rural Rejuvenation (ARR): aimed at revitalizing rural societies, creating sustainable opportunities, and transforming the lives of the rural poor. ARR takes a comprehensive approach to the complex challenges faced by rural communities by implementing a range of holistic health care, community revitalization, disaster management, and livelihood programs.

In addition, Sadhguru has established 2 ashrams in Coimbatore, India, and Tennessee, USA where one can go and experience living in a consecrated space. Along with that, there are many centers around the world that run year-long programs

Sadhguru speaks about the fundamental aspects of life with astonishing clarity. In America, we find it taboo to talk about death, but Sadhguru tackles both the shortness and the vastness of life head-on, widening our perspective and encouraging us to think more broadly about life.